Pole Dancing & Meeting Isis Diamond

My pole Journey started just under three years ago, I can still remember my first class. It was at a pole studio in Stockwell, South London, a friend had recommended I try pole dancing as an alternative method of exercise. Having battled my weight since puberty I was open to the idea.

Even though I was a dress size 14 -16 and weighed around 12st 9lbs I was quite confident in my skin, I always tried to dress to my shape, but the fitness buzz had started and it seemed like everyone around me was getting into yoga, the gym or calisthenics; so I thought hey… why not.

In my first lesson I was so weak all I could do was a headstand and my pole journey carried on like this for some time. Whilst my peers were going upside down, I was still doing basic spins and headstands; I started to get frustrated but I was told to just keep at it.

The day came when I finally achieved an inversion and that was the beginning of a beautiful pole addiction. There is no feeling better than a pole-gasm. (Pole terminology check the hashtag if you’re confused lol.) With pole dancing it is very easy to monitor your progress, you may struggle with a move today, but execute it with ease a few weeks later and that’s one of the greatest beauties of it.

I love pole dancing, I love what it’s done and still does for my mind, body and spirit. I love the whole pole dancing community and how positive and encouraging polers can be.

Now most polers will know pole dancing comes with its stigma, from mostly uneducated naïve people. I will not begin to rant on and justify my art, yes ART or sport, yes SPORT; look up the definitions of both those words and then do your research on pole dancing, you will see both words are accurate to describe pole dancing.

Whilst in the pole community I came across an amazing talent, her name was ‘Isis Diamond.’ Now there are many amazing pole dancers around like Marion Crampe, Anastasia Sokolova, Bendy Kate, Nicole the Pole, Sarah Scott, Natasha Wang; the list goes on but there was something about Isis that I could connect to.

She was very passionate about her art, she danced with amazing grace and beautiful lines. However what I liked about her the most, she was real, raw, honest and truthful in her posts. So when she announced she was coming to London, I and all my pole friends got excited like 5 year olds on Christmas day.

The workshop was held at a relatively new studio called ‘The Warehouse Dance Studios’ in Croydon; which being from East London is a bit of a mission for me but hey it’s Isis! It’s a beautifully spacious studio, with ceiling bars; which I have yet to see in any pole studio in London.

Isis was even more beautiful in person and still just as real. We spoke about the pole industry, its battles, our pole history and backgrounds. She was so humble and was genuinely interested in us all. Isis then took us through a class, where she asked us to excuse her because she say’s f**k a lot. (Haha LOVE IT!) She showed us some great moves which most of us went home wanting to attempt again and then she performed for us. I filmed her performance, which I still find myself watching two days later.

My friends and I have booked a private lesson with Isis and are excitedly adding moves to our list every day. I can’t wait to get me some more Isis; hopefully after the lesson I will go home with some new moves in my book of pole tricks.

If you’re in London and missed the workshop in Croydon, I would strongly advise you to try and book a pole session with Isis before she goes back to the US in February, it’s a great opportunity for polers not to be missed. Also go and check out The Warehouse Dance Studio, their ceiling apparatus are so much fun!!!

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